Hey! My name is Matt.

I’ve worked at Sun in my Belly for over 11 years. I got a job bussing tables a few days after my 21st birthday and still work there today. As you can imagine, I’ve experienced significant life changes in the time between then and now, and Sun in my Belly has been a home for me through it all.

This is my favorite Sun in my Belly story…

I met my (now) wife at Table 90 (it’s a tiny two-seater by a bright, large window.) I was 24 years old, and I hadn’t spoken to my family in years (which is a whole other story). My mom found out through Facebook that I was working at Sun in my Belly. She showed up, told the host she was my mom and asked to sit in my section. (Of course, the host didn’t know I was avoiding my family and obliges.)

So, how does this relate to my wife? OK, I’m getting to that…

My mom met my wife in the restroom at her church a few years prior and (short version of the story) started entertaining this crazy fantasy that if she could just introduce us, I would fall in love with her and come back home—prodigal son sort of thing. And guess what? It actually happened. My mom brought her to brunch the day she stealthily showed up unannounced to see me at work.

Do you believe in love at first sight? I do. It happened to me, and these significant life events quickly followed:

  • I was reunited with my family soon after (and we’re doing great)!
  • Lauren and I got married, and naturally, Sun in my Belly catered our wedding.
  • We now have two AMAZING children: Bellamy is 3 (her first birthday was celebrated here with family, friends and staff that feel like both) and Navy just turned 2.
  • I’ve received grace in a profound way and have experienced seven years of clean living.

Matt and Lauren
I’ve always had a special relationship with Sun in my Belly, and maybe even you if you’ve been coming here for a while. In the posts to come, my aim is to show you what makes this place so special, through my eyes. Thanks for reading.

Can’t wait to see you again real soon. 🙂