Happy Valentine’s everyone! In this installment of the blog, I was able to steal some time with the ever elusive Max Leblanc, Owner & Executive Director of Sun in my Belly. If you’ve been following the blog for the last few months, you know I’ve worked at Sun in my Belly for a looong time.

In that time, it has been my privilege to watch & learn from Max, a visionary of detail, design & ambiance.

While trying to drum up ideas for a blog about making Valentine’s Day special, I immediately thought of Max, someone who (in leading our catering & event business) has helped brides & grooms create memorable experiences & timeless expressions of love. As an expert in this field, I thought there would be no better person to interview about this ‘love-centric’ holiday. Max’s love for his husband Will has stood the test of time; last November they celebrated 18 years together. Wanna know his secret? Read on…

Q: Max, you are a lover of details. What details would you suggest to someone trying to pull off a memorable Valentine’s experience?
A: Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with your partner or a close friend, I would try to understand the true essence of that person.  What brings them joy and would put a smile on their face? That may be something as elaborate as a dinner with their favorite flowers and a handwritten note, or as simple as a burger and cocktail at their favorite restaurant.  You want to take them somewhere they feel comfortable and relaxed as opposed to creating a new, complicated experience.

Q: Let’s say you’re surprising Will with an epic Valentine’s dinner in ATL. Where do you make a reservation (other than SIMB’s Vday Supper Club, of course)?
A: Cocktails at Highland Tap in Virginia Highland then dinner at Babette’s Cafe in Poncey-Highland

Q: Let’s say you spend Valentine’s day at home. 3 questions:
– What’s your Uber Eats order?
A: Savage Pizza – a simple pepperoni with black olives and mushrooms.

– What are you doing?
A:  Watching Netflix.

– What delicious sweet thing are you eating?
A: Well, if I haven’t asked Tiffany our SIMB pastry for something totally last minute, 🙂 then I would keep it simple and pick up Chocolate Cake from Publix and fresh Strawberries.

Q: Valentine’s card: silly or sweet?
A: Definitely Silly

Q: Favorite love song?
A: K. by Cigarettes After Sex

Q: Vday florals: what’s in your bouquet?
A: Seasonal foraged items

Q: Dinner’s over, what your next move: candle lights or strobe lights?
A: TV light

Q: Last words of wisdom for our readers eager to make the most of their Vday experience…
A: Be Funny (even when you don’t mean to be) and above all Be Authentic

As we close, I’d like to remind you that no matter how you want to spend your special day, Sun in my Belly has you covered. A casual cup of coffee, an easy brunch or a romantic dinner; we’ll be hosting all the vibes on February 14th. Happy Valentine’s everyone. I hope that love finds you wherever you are.


P.s. If you ‘pop the question’ on Valentine’s Day, let us know if you need help planning the wedding 😉